How To Make High protein Deer Feed Recipe?

How To Make High protein Deer Feed

The high-protein feed system is one of the newest trends for deer. Even a few years back, the high protein feed was not standard. But the feed system has hit the market, and more and more people are leaning toward it. Different companies grow with high protein feed manufacturing, and people already include it. The protein feed is essential as it tends to make the animals healthy.

So how do you make high-protein deer feed? There are different ways to make them! The key is adding a lot of protein, specifically the ones that deer love to eat the most. And in addition to that, other things that a deer might eat will make the deer feed even better. It is better to know what you can add to make a high-protein deer feed.

Key Takeaways

  • Protein is needed for growth, especially for young deer. Making high-protein deer feed will help them grow properly.
  • The feed has to be given in the form of pellets depending on the seasons and deer feeding requirements.
  • Soybean meals, peanut-honey blocks, and liquid deer feed are some of the ways to make high-protein deer feed.

Why do Deer Need High Protein Feed?

Why do Deer Need High Protein Feed
Why do Deer Need High Protein Feed

Protein is needed for growth for any animal, the deer is no exception for this. Previously, as the feeding system, the people would only use corn as they were cheap. But with the high protein feed, the deer will grow more extensively, and the antlers will be long and hard. So the feed-in system is there for their own benefits. The protein feed system is only applied to the deer during the stress period.

When the stress season is here, and there are certain conditions, only then should the protein feed be applied to the deer. The high protein diet is also used mainly during the harsh winter season when the scarcity of food is evident. Even the dry summers can be counted as stress periods.

While it is good for the deer, the amount of protein has to be regulated. The amount of protein should be controlled, as deer cannot digest all the deer, especially if they are not used to the protein. The reason you want to use high protein feed is to make sure the deer are healthy, and you are able to get the best deer to hunt as possible.

The protein feed will make sure that the deer are nice and big, with gorgeous antlers, and will make for a good wall mount after the hunt.

How are the Feed Pellets Arranged for Deer?

Well, not all the food is applied to the deer at once. With season and environment, the feed is changed. The period for the high-protein feed is concise; most importantly, you cannot switch the entire feeding system throughout the year to high-protein, and this will only make the conditions for the deer worse. Here is the proper feed pellet for the deer:

How Are the Feed Pellets Arranged for Deer
How Are the Feed Pellets Arranged for Deer

Spring protein feed

During the spring, the deer are still recovering from the rut and the winter. Here, protein is the most important supplement. They need to build their muscles, and their antler growth also has to be strong. So the deer here will require excess phosphorus and calcium. And as for the girls, they are near their fawning dates. They have to be prepared for nursing, and they’ll be depleting the fats they stored. So the protein feed will work for them as well.

Summer high protein feed

The summers are the stress period for the deer. The bucks will have antler growth in the summer so they will need high protein, phosphorus, and calcium as part of their essential diet. The doe will give birth, and their nursing period will start. They will lack the most energy, and thus the protein feed will work just fine. And lastly, the fawns, they are growing during the summer. The high-protein diet will ensure good growth and overall development.

Fall carbohydrate and fat

Here, bucks and the does would be trying to store the fats in their muscles. This will allow them to get through the winter as well as the breeding season. Carbohydrates will play the most important sector in their diet, and water will second this.

Winter carbohydrate and fat

For the winter, the fawns, does, and bucks will only need carbohydrates and not protein. This will help them to sustain their overall weight, and they will be able to maintain proper growth even though the growth rate is low for deer.

How to Make High protein Deer Feed?

How to Make High protein Deer Feed 1
How to Make High protein Deer Feed

There are several ways to make a protein feed, and some of them are combinations of other things. For example, when we talk about good deer feed, you can add one high-protein ingredient, but to make it more edible and healthier for the deer, you have to add one or more extra ingredients. Here we are including some recipes for high-protein deer feed.

Soybean meal

The first way to get high-protein feed would be to include soybeans in the deer feed. The best way to prepare the soybean feed would be when you switch the cornmeal to the soybeans for the feed. For this recipe, you’ll need the following:

  1. Soybean kernels 
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Molasses or peanut paste

For the recipe, you might want to take an equal amount of the soybean kernels and the oatmeal. To make a paste out of food, you might want to add some moles or peanut paste to the mix.

For every half kilogram of the dry ingredient, you have to go with 50 grams of molasses or the peanut paste. The feed turns into a thick mix, and they feel like a paste. You can put the feed in the backyard or anywhere the deer will be flocking.

Peanut-honey food block

Well, this might not seem like a proper high-protein feed for the deer, but it is the easiest and cheapest one. You can switch out the food block meals for this kind of peanut-honey sandwich.

For example, you can switch between the moles and the peanut paste with the food block meals. Here, the peanuts are high in protein, and the moles are full of carbohydrates. So for the food blocks, you can use the following:

  1. Honey
  2. Peanut paste 
  3. Thick bread
  4. Corn kernels 

Well, when you are making this recipe, it’ll have a sticky and gooey texture, so be aware. And these food blocks are mainly pancake-style food for the deer. First, pour an equal amount of honey and peanut paste into the bowl. Then mix these two ingredients thoroughly so they are well-balanced.

Then take a thick piece of bread and put it in a pan. Now put the liquid mixture on top of the bread, and thus the peanut paste would be soaking the bread. And on top of that, the corn kernels have to be placed on top of it.

Then put the pan on top of them and cover them with a lid. Make sure to cook the feed at 200 degrees; thus, they will turn like a jelly block. You might want to check the mixture every ten minutes to prevent it from burning and sticking to the pan.

After that, just cool down the food block and break it into cubes. Place the feed in the backyard or feed the deer directly.

Liquid protein feed

The easiest way to cook a high-protein feed would be by including a peanut paste or peanut butter with some corn. These might not be the proper protein feed, but they are the easiest way to ensure that the deer will eat them. For the liquid recipe, you need the following:

  1. Corn
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Peanut butter
  4. Water

Like the first recipe, you are going to add the corn and the oatmeal together. And instead of the corn here, you can even use soybean kernels or meals. Then add some peanut butter as the thickening and binding agent for the meal. Instead of cooking the meal, just add some water to it, making the mixture liquid. For this kind of meal, try to spread them on the trees so the bucks can feed on them. Spread them over and over again, and do it in a large area.


What is the highest-protein food for deer?

Soybean meals and peanuts are the highest-protein foods for deer.

What is the healthiest thing to feed deer?

The healthiest thing to feed deer would be corn. They have around an 85% of digestibility rate, and they are full of fiber and carbohydrates. Thus they are tagged as the king of deer feed.

Final Thoughts

A high-protein deer feed system is currently on trend, but the system is not new, and some of the animals are doing much better due to this system. But again, the high-protein feed system is not for everyone. This is supposedly used for the deer’s growth; besides that, the deer will require an adequate amount of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Corn has been one of the most commonly used feeds for deer.

Now that deer feed is more expensive, the cost has also increased. Thus protein feed is a good term still. You might want to add other things. Buying the protein feed might seem like a very costly way, but there are some simple ways that you’ll be able to make your high-protein feed for the deer from the recipe we included here.

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