How To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting In Freezy Weather?

How to keep feet warm while hunting

Hunting is exciting and victorious for many. It takes a lot of effort and patience to get to a prey. All the routing and keeping silence like not breathing at all for a gunshot to get a huge reward. Even if it is a bird or a deer, it is always thrilling to the top of a predator’s mind. It is not child’s play. Wild hunting is not for people who have fearful hearts. If you are a hunter, you must and should have courage and bravery in your heart.

Hunting in cold weather is very much challenging. Day or night, you will face extreme cold, a freezing experience, waiting for prey to hunt. In this situation, you need to keep your feet warm. Right socks and plan before heading for hunting is the key to keeping your feet warm.

Let’s take you there in the deep jungle.

Key Takeaways

  • The ways to keep feet warm while hunting.
  • Wear warm socks and toe warmers as a trick.
  • Select the right pair of boots.
  • Make an eating habit to keep your body temperature.
  • Use powder to avoid feet getting cold by sweating.
  • Stay hydrated.

9 Ways to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting

Hunting days can be cold and wet. But that does not mean you skip going hunting and let your hunting experience fall for that. By following the tips and tricks in this article you will be able to keep your feet warm and dry while hunting. From socks to boots to toe warmer, there is something for everyone to help keep their feet warm and dry. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive in:

  • Make a Plan
  • Check the Weather and Atmosphere
  • Wear the Right Socks
  • Wear Boots
  • Warm Clothes and Blanket
  • Use Toe Warmer
  • Use Powder on Foot
  • Eating Habit
  • Stay Hydrated

Make a Plan

For hunting in cold weather, you need to be prepared for possible outcomes in advance. Most of the hunters get excited in the afternoon or at midnight. So, make sure you do not put yourself in a dangerous situation.

To certify that, make a noiseless plan with the necessary equipment and mindset. Sweat is horrible for cold feet. This can give you a distressing feeling to get you into awkward conditions. So, be prepared for keeping your feet warm enough to have pleasant hunting.

Wearing socks that can keep your feet warm is very important. There are plenty of socks that are dedicated to keeping your feet warm. Choose the right one that suits you well. Also, your hunting boots are the key to keeping silent and having hunting pleasure to the fullest. Select the right pair of boots and wear them before you go hunting.

If you think, you are ready to go hunting, then stop right there. You must have forgotten something. Weather is the main strain for wild hunting. So, you must check the weather before you leave your house. Let’s take you into a deep discussion.

Check the Weather and Atmosphere

After making a plan and a conscious mindset, check the weather in the hunting area including temperature, and find flow. It is important due to a hunter’s safety of life. In the cold winter, the weather must be cold at sub-zero. But if the wind is very fast and has no exact direction, then it is preferable for a hunting day. Just call it a day off and relax at home.

Even the atmosphere also affects forest weather, as well as hunting. If the weather is really really cold, then going on hunting is just wasting of time for 2 reasons. One is, you will not stand against this bad weather and cold atmosphere. Two is, you will not find any prey while hunting. So, make a weather check to see the atmosphere in nature before hunting.

Wear the Right Socks

Wear the right socks
Wear the right socks

Now, the main part arrives. Socks are very important and not comparable to anything while hunting. To keep your feet warm, you need to wear the right socks bestowing to your interest. There are plenty of socks out in the market which is devoted to keeping feet warm for hunting.

Wool Socks

Wool is a natural fiber that holds onto air and moisture. This helps to keep the hunter’s feet warm. Moreover, it has a high thermal mass that can preserve heat for a long period of time. This makes woolen socks suitable for wintertime activities like skiing, snowboarding, hunting, and arctic climates where many layers are required to stay warm.

Wool also provides insulation from the outside cold. To keep you comfortable anyway of the weather conditions. Even if you are looking to be environmentally friendly, wool is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there as it is ecologically recycled after being worn or processed.

Wool socks are thicker and warmer than cotton socks, but they also keep your feet warm better as wool is naturally water-repellent. Wool socks breathe better. So, the moisture from your sweat doesn’t build up as quickly which may make you feel colder by end of the day.

Heated Socks

Heated socks can be beneficial in many aspects. Electric socks are like portable electric heaters or thermal socks. They come in different models, sizes, and brands. Electric socks have been used by soldiers of the British Royal Air Force during World War II. Then it was discovered that hand warmers could keep their feet warm even though they were on the move often, fighting enemy forces at high altitudes.

One problem is coming to judge for additional batteries or recharge. Also, you can control these socks to disable them as after walking for miles, your feet may be producing enough heat on their own. An extra pair of socks in your bag is not a bad idea.

Polypropylene Socks

When the temps fall toward freezing, polypropylene socks are your toe’s best friend. You will understand a system of which socks work best for you for temperature ranges and different types of boots. All of the polypropylene materials make moisture go away from your skin. Polypropylene socks are better for that. Sometimes you may need two pairs of polypropylene socks on, depending on the temperature, and then put your woolen socks over them.

Sock liner

Wearing socks can be painful. They always seem to attach tightly to your leg and the constant rubbing can result in blisters on your foot. Luckily, you can do things that can make socks work better for you. For beginners, make sure to wear socks that have a snug fit but are not too short. Short socks will squeeze your toes and cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Wearing sock liners can add an extra layer of protection. Sock liners are thin polyester or lightweight wool that serves as your first layer. They dry out moisture very well and hunters love them. They can also be helpful if you are likely to have cold feet frequently. Finally, sock liners are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry while hunting outdoors.

Keeping your feet dry is crucial to keep a hunter’s feet warm. As with any experienced hunter opinion, using two pairs of sock liners help to keep feet dry and maintains good blood circulation. The best combination for hunting in cold weather is to wear a sock liner to wick moisture away from your feet with a woolen sock to insulate your feet from the cold.

Wear Boots

Wear Boots
Wear Boots

Boots come after socks in the credential list for hunting.

The most reasonable factor for choosing the best boots for hunting in the cold is their insulation properties. Insulation helps to effectively protect your core body temperature from low temperatures during cold weather hunts.

When hunting in cold weather, it is essential to keep your feet warm and dry. Choose boots that are made of materials like leather, wool, or even the best rubber hunting boots which will help trap warmth inside the boot. Furthermore, make sure to test out a pair before you buy conferring them to make sure they fit correctly and provide the desired level of comfort and warmth.

Rubber boots are a better winter solution for hunters. They will keep your feet warm and dry without sweating inside boots. The rubber sole is thick, so it does not allow your feet to sweat that much. Keeping you more comfortable even in cold conditions is the main reason for wearing rubber boots. The rubber tread is known for its gripping ability on rough ground.

Warm Clothes and Blanket

Warm clothes and blanket
Warm clothes and blanket

Staying on hunting is determined by how you make body protection. Wearing heavy and large clothes does not mean that. You need to select clothes that can keep you warm. Wearing wool-made clothes are best for keeping body temperature warm. Leather jackets are better for hunting.

Covering your boots with a heated blanket while you sit or stand. Not only will the heat keep your feet warm, but the heat will also rise throughout the rest of your body.

You can also use a blanket to put over your body to block the freezing breeze. Ensure that your blankets are washed with scent-free detergent so that it does not attract bugs and other animals. Also, leave it outside at night before hunting day. This relieves the scent and reduces attention to you while hunting. Placing a chemical warmer on your feet and then covering it up with a blanket is another way to utilize them.

Use Toe Warmer

Use toe warmer
Use toe warmer

Toe warmers work pretty well. No doubt about it. They are placed right under your feet. These small parts of the insoles contain iron powder, activated charcoal, and vermiculite, and they create warmth by a process called oxidation. Whereby oxygen in the surrounding air responds with this iron powder to create heat with temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit reported.

But you need to be conscious of the timing. If it is activated immediately upon setting up for the day, your feet will get too warm and they will be frozen too soon. So, by instruction, waiting to activate the heaters and placing them in your boots just before your toes really start to get warmer. Remember, the toe warmer heaters are activated by air. So, they need some air space in your boots to last longer than possible.

Use Powder on Foot

Use powder on foot
Use powder on foot

There are a few reasons to use skin power while hunting. Many well-experienced hunters do this as their calm hunting. Let’s see what those are.

To Prevent Sweat

Sweat is the enemy of warm feet in hunting. Your feet will get very cold if they often get sweaty. You can prevent this by using foot powder or even baby powder before heading out hunting in the snow. If you want to dry out your feet and these powders help.

To Reduce High-Cost

Foot powder is a must for keeping warm during hunting in the winter. It helps to keep your feet from sweating too much which can lead to frostbite or even worse wet socks. You can find some high-tech insoles at stores. They are expensive and do not always work the first time before you buy them. So, using a bit of powder can be a wise choice to make.

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Eating Habit

Eating Habit
Eating Habit

Eating habit is important, not just for hunting. In cold weather areas, you need to keep a warm body temperature in order to stay healthy. Eating healthy and fatty food like chess that has high calories can actually help you to remain warm against the cold atmosphere.

If you want to keep your feet warm during hunting, then I would recommend you to drink hot chocolate with butter. Drinking hot chocolate with butter has a lot of calories that help the human body to regenerate energy.

Some examples of food items that are high in calories and fat include fatty meats like bacon, ham, eggs, nuts, soups, or stews with lots of meat or beans. But do not overeat any of these that lead you to sickness. While these foods can provide essential nutrients, they will also put extra weight on your stomach. It can make you tired and lazy during an intense hunt.

In contrast, healthy alternatives like dried fruits such as trail mix made from nuts and seeds instead of processed snacks like candy bars or cakes can be a great choice if you want something sweet but not too indulgent.

Stay Hydrated

Although staying hydrated is vital for general health care, it is especially crucial when hunting in cold weather. When you get dehydrated, your body produces more heat to maintain its temperature. This can lead to dizziness, fatigue, reduced performance, and even injury.

Additionally, being hypothermic can weaken your judgment and reduce movement speed. The body’s thirst lessens in cold weather as our blood vessels shrink. This slows circulation throughout the body.

On a typical day, our body needs at least two liters of water which increases while hunting. Three liters a day is recommended. So make sure you drink enough water before leaving for the hunt as well to survive the day while out there in the forest. Remember, dehydration is an enemy of a hunter.


Should you layer socks for hunting?

One way to avoid cold feet is to wear two pairs of socks. One is an inner layer of thin, moisture-wicking socks and other one is an outer layer of thick, insulating wool socks. The inner layer will help your feet dry, and the outer layer will help you to keep heat from escaping.

What are the warmest hunting socks?

There are many options for hunting socks. But it is hard to go wrong with merino wool. For myself, I prefer a merino wool or nylon blend. Nylon adds extra durability. Both types of wool dry quickly in the field. If your feet get wet very often then the merino wool will continue to provide insulation.

What are hunting thermals?

A big part of hunting or climbing involves awareness of thermals. Thermal is the stream of rising air created by temperature differences between air at ground level vs air higher in the atmosphere. In the morning, as the sun heats the ground, the air at ground goes up.

Can deer smell you from a tree stand?

A deer will smell you before seeing or hearing you when you are in the tree stand. One of the most tried and true hunting tricks is to play the wind when you hunt. If you are always downwind, they may not smell you.

Is morning or evening better for deer hunting?

No matter what, deer move mostly at sunrise and sunset. That is when they are wired to move most. It is when their eyesight is most active.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a hunter’s feet warm in the cold weather is challenging, but possible. You need to follow these few tips and tricks and make sure to maintain them. Wearing socks is a nice way to prevent cold feet. Selecting the right pair of boots is important. And eating high calories food and drinking sufficient water is the key to a sustained hunting experience.

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