How To Hang Deer Mount – You Should To Know

How to hang deer mount

Deer mounts or even other mammal mounts are a prized possession for hunters. They can be able to show their work and also their legacy. The deer mounts are used as wall décor. So when you think about the deer mount, the most important fact to notice would be the hanging positions.

Even though we caught some smaller ones but still the larger head would be the one to get us into mounting. Discarding such a beautiful head seemed like a waste, and thus we tried to try the mounting process for the deer. So how to hang deer mount?

The deer mount can be hung on the wall, and you must decide on the room to hang them first. When the deer mount is one of your most prized possession, you better emphasize it and make it the core décor.

Key Takeaways

  • To prepare a deer mount after the hunt, certain things need to be done to make sure it is in good condition.
  • Certain tools are required to properly hang the deer mount, along with following the steps to hang it.
  • After it is hung, maintenance of the deer mount is essential so it doesn’t get ruined.

How Do I Prepare for The Deer Mount?

When you are thinking about hanging a deer mount, the first thing that you will notice is that you have to prepare the head first. And that’s how you’ll actually be able to hang the deer. But this might be only for those who would want to hang their own hunt. You can easily buy deer mounts, and for that, the only pain would be the hanging process.

Deer mounts are heavy, and often the plaque used in the mount is made of wood, which will only add to the weight of the mount. So the deer mount is not really a pretty little thing that you can just screw on and mount.

The preparation process is truly labor-intensive work. Here, you have to learn about the ins and outs of taxidermy and then go for the overall hanging process.

How do I prepare for the deer mount
How do I prepare for the deer mount

Here are some steps on how to prepare the deer mount:

Clean Shot

How you shot a deer would matter the most. If you want to mount the head, you cannot damage the upper part of the head. The whole thing will not be easy to hide. The deer should be shot from behind the shoulder. A clean shot is a must for mounting. Otherwise, the whole thing will turn out to be a mess. A shoulder shot will kill the deer instantly, and the integrity of the mount will be maintained. And do not slit the neck at any cost.

Conserving the Antlers

The antlers are the best feature of the deer mount. So you might want to go for a deer that has hardened antlers. They are effortless to maintain, and they will stay fresh without even freezing them.

Keep Clean

Another essential parameter of the deer is that, after the kill, you have to keep the animal relatively clean. And we say that while dragging the deer, try a cart or a carrier. The front of the animal shouldn’t be dragged on the ground, specifically the antlers. You can even quarter the animal before you move it. This will avoid all the cleaning drama.

Shoulder Mount

The most common type of mount for deer is the shoulder mount. You might want to start from the last rib and move only two ribs above to make the cut. This will allow you to work on the overall mount. The front legs of the deer should be cut at the top of the shoulders. Then the shoulder mount should be frozen to keep it fresh. Do not salt it, that will make it lose moisture and rot.

Hire a Taxidermist

For the last part, hire a taxidermist. It’s the taxidermist’s job to help preserve the mount for display. Without this preservation, the mount will start rotting.

The deer mount is not just traditional décor; it is filled with memories. These memories will pass on, and the mount on your wall will be proof of that. You might want to hire an expert taxidermist to get the perfect-looking mount from your hunt.

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How to Hang a Deer Mount?

After all the hard work from you and your taxidermist, let us move on to the central theme of these articles. Some people love to present deer in the living room, while others just place them in the garage or their office. But make sure to choose a wall that has a lot of space and where you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty. How to hang the mount?

How to hang a deer mount
How to hang a deer mount

Here are the items that you might need to hang the support:

  • Drill
  • tape to measure
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud finder
  • Ladder

Here we include a step-by-step guide on how to hang the deer mount: 

  1. Measure the area: take a measuring tape and then measure the plaque. This will give you an idea of how much area you will need to mount your deer.
  2. Then look at the room and find the right area where the mount will work fine. Make sure that the space is pretty open, or it’ll just look cramped.
  3. Locate a stud by using a stud finder. Otherwise, the wall will come crashing down. Use a leveller and understand where you have to put the drills.
  4. Drill the wall so that they reach the stud. This will make the mounting process easy. A cordless drill would be best.
  5. Depending on the kind of brackets used by the taxidermist, you can just hang the mount accordingly. The screw should fit the frame perfectly, and it has to be sturdy. Make sure to recheck the attachment.
  6. The mount should stay close to the wall.

How Can I Make Sure That the Mount Is Clean?

Now that you’ve hanged the mount, another work that will follow is how you can ensure the mount is clean. This might be the end process of hanging the deer mount. But the cleaning and maintenance process is vital as it will allow them to pass the mount for generations to come.

How can I make sure that the mount is clean
How can I make sure that the mount is clean

Here we are including some ways to maintain the hanging deer mount:

Keep the sun out

Direct UV rays are never suitable for the mount. The sunlight will change the color and shade of the mountain. And the natural UV will cause some little changes that the taxidermists cannot reverse. When you are taking a white-furred deer, the chances are high that it will turn yellow. And when the color is dark, the chances are high that they will be lighter. Again, there might be some patches here and there that will make the deer’s appearance worse.

Avoid Temperature Changes

When you are hanging a deer mount, the temperature change will affect the deer mount the most. Extreme weather changes will definitely harm the fur and antlers.

When the room gets extremely cold or hot with the weather change, the chances are high that your furs will lose color, fall off on touch, and the antlers will crack. So keeping a consistent room temperature is important for the room you are keeping the deer mount in.

Changes in the Environment

The changes in the environment are as crucial as the temperature, and these two are linked. With the presence of excess moisture and temperature, the overall integrity of the mount will surely decrease. They will not rot, but they will lose their overall aesthetic. You might want to avoid putting the mount in the attic or basement because these places are neglected the most. In the winter, they get extremely cold, and in the summer, they are extremely warm. An open room would most likely be a good option.

No Smoking

Smoke will definitely end up ruining the deer mount. And thus, the mount should not be placed above a fireplace and definitely not in the smoke room, and they should be somewhere subtle but still in a noticeable area.


The best way to ensure the overall process and glaze of the deer mount is when you clean them well. Years of dust removal are very tough to get rid of. So you can just run a dry cloth over it, and it’ll turn like new. Avoid using water or any kind of harsh chemicals over it. Use a small cloth or even a feather duster to remove the extra dust. Place them with your taxidermist for a thorough cleaning, and they’ll do a proper clean. A damp cloth is also recommended somewhere, but we really do not recommend it. The dampness might not dry, and it’ll just ruin the cape.

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What do you use to hang a deer head?

You can use screws, anchors, adhesives, and brackets to hang a deer head. The process will depend on the taxidermist, who will prepare the mount.

How do you hang a deer head?

To hang a deer head, you first have to fix a location on the wall and then use different processes, like a screw or an adhesive, to put it on the wall.

Final Thoughts

Deer mount is truly a pain to mount, and if you’re doing the work for the first time, then you know how stressful it can be. When you’re hunting, the mounting part will also depend on you. Getting the deer mount clean at first is a problem, and the process of maintaining the mount is another pain. Comparatively, the hanging of the deer mount took the least amount of time.

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