How To Get Deer To Come Out During The Day?

How to get deer to come out during the day

Humans have hunted for thousands of years as a way to survive. But hunting nowadays is more of a hobby and sport. Deer hunting is especially a prize-worthy hunt due to the difficulty in tracking and shooting a deer. They are fast animals, and extremely cautious.

They will leave an area immediately if they feel they are in the slightest danger. One unknown sound to a deer and you are left looking for their new spot that they will rest in. Hunting is optimal during the day for obvious reasons! But deer are harder to hunt during the day because they are in well-defended places.

So how do you get deer to come out during the day? Well, it is pretty simple! You have to understand their movement patterns and what attracts deer to certain locations to make them come out during day time. Don’t know how to do so? Then read on and find out how to get successfully get deer to come out at day.

Key Takeaways

  • Deer are most active during dawn and dusk. They rest and hide during the day and afternoon.
  • Deer are nocturnal animals, making them more active during the night than during the day.
  • The ways you can get deer to come out during the day: creating a water source, planting food for deer, using bait, use of scent and urine, deer calls, hunting close to bedding areas, and being hidden.
  • If you want to hunt on your own private land you should make it so that it is suitable for deer to come.

How Do Deer Spend Their Day?

The time that deer are most active is during dawn and dusk. These are the times when deer switch between locations for bedding and go out to find food. It is important to your hunt to know how deer usually spend their day.

How do deer spend their day
How do deer spend their day


Right from sunrise, deer are on the move. They go and find food to eat and look out for areas to make their bedding. Usually, these bedding areas are near hills so that the dear can minimize their scent being carried by the wind.

After they have made their bed, they usually lay there for hours, chewing on their cud and digesting the food that they ate along the way. So expect deer movement to be in hilly areas and close to a water source like a pond or stream.


While we humans had our breakfast and coffee and are out and about during the afternoon, this is the laziest time of the day for deer. The heat of the day is what makes them lazy. They will spend hours upon hours laying down in their bedding chewing their cud and occasionally roaming around to eat more or drink some water.

The bucks are very vigilant during these times and constantly scout out the area to make sure it is safe. That is why a majority of day hunting is slowed down as the deer are less likely to be alone.


As sunset approaches, the deer are active again. They are out looking for food again, this time near the fields and open area as the night hide their presence. Typically, the deer come down from the hilly areas and roam around, often traveling a great distance to once again find a new bedding area. While the night seems like the ideal hunting condition, the lack of visibility in the darkness makes it near impossible without proper equipment.

Ways to Make Deer Come Out During The Day

Lucky for you, we have just the ways to make sure that deer are more active during the daytime. With a bit of patience and these tips, you can hunt deer easier during the day.

Creating Water Source

Creating water source
Creating water source

You will see deer come out to water spots regularly to grab a drink. Thus, if you can ensure an area has a lot of water, then you attract deer to make bedding nearby. Especially if there are no water sources nearby. A simple water trough away in a secluded area will attract one or two deer, making it an ideal opportunity to hunt.

Planting Food for Deer

Deer eat a lot of plants. And they eat a lot! When you are out hunting, be sure to plant some vegetation local to the area. These plants will grow within a year and by then they will become an ideal spot for hunting. Areas with more food for deer will attract them even more. Make sure it is in low-lying areas near a water source so you can get to high places to have a clear line of sight of the deer.

Using Bait

Bait is the easiest way to separate a lonely buck or doe from the herd. Food such as corn and apples are very desirable for the deer and will likely attract them during the day. A less common but good bait is peanut butter! Put some on tree bark and the deer will frequent the area more.

Use of Scent and Urine

Deer are curious creatures, which is why the smell of unfamiliar deer will make a young buck investigate the area. They scratch themselves against a tree to mark their territory and these are known as deer scrapes. You’d want to put some scents and deer urine over these areas and in no time a buck will come. Remember, buck urine will only attract other bucks while doe urine will attract both bucks and doe, especially during rut season.



Another way to attract a deer is to mimic its calls. The curious deer will come out of hiding at the call of an unfamiliar deer. A grunt call will likely attract those whitetail bucks you are trying to hunt.

Hunting Close to Bedding Areas

During the day, deer rarely stray far from where to make their bed. So you must set yourself up near their bedding. And by using the tips mentioned before, you will have the ideal location to attract the deer during the daytime.

But you have to make sure that you are still hidden from the deer. You can set up a hunting stand near deer bedding. Not only will you be out of their sight high up in your stand, but you are also making sure that the deer can’t smell you.

Cold Fronts

While the weather may be out of your hand, you can use incoming cold fronts to your advantage. When the area cools down, you can expect deer activity to significantly increase. The cold will make the deer roam around more often and that is a perfect time you can hunt the deer.

Being Hidden

If you are seen by a deer, your hunt is most likely over. Deer are very cautious and repeated human sightings will make them leave the area. That is why you have to stay hidden and out of sight. Use deer scents to make sure that deer can’t smell you because they have noses that are better than even some dogs. You can also use a hunting stand to be out of the way.

Are Deer Nocturnal Animals?

Are deer nocturnal animals
Are deer nocturnal animals

Yes, deer are nocturnal animals! They are more active during the day than they are during the night. This is because their thick hide prevents them from walking around too much in the sun. They prefer cool nights when they don’t have to spend as much energy. That is why to hunt during the day, you either need a lot of luck and patience to catch a deer alone, or you lure them to a more suitable area to hunt.

Hunting on Private Land

If you have a hunting license and own private land, then you can definitely hunt on your property. You just have to make sure your property is suited for deer bedding, otherwise, the deer will ignore these areas during the day and only come at night.

A water source, a plentiful food source, and an area where they can bed have to be made so that deer come on your private land. You will also have to make sure there are no people nearby as they will not frequent areas where they see humans.

Tips to Make Your Hunt Easier

Here are some tips to make your overall hunt easier:

  • Be aware of the wind.
  • Scout the areas deer frequent – water sources, feeding areas, etc.
  • Set up your hunting stand near bedding areas.
  • Make as little noise as possible.
  • Check the weather for cold fronts.
  • Have patience.
  • Don’t take the shot if you are not confident.


Why is hunting during the day easier?

A. Increased visibility during the day will help you out during your hunt. You will know where the deer are and how you should approach them. At night, the deer are more vigilant, and getting closer for a good shot will be difficult.

Why don’t deer come out during the day?

They are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are more active during the night. This is because the heat from sunlight makes the deer more tired. To conserve energy, they hide, rest, and digest their food during the day.

How to use deer urine to attract bucks?

They are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are more active during the night. This is because the heat from sunlight makes the deer more tired. To conserve energy, they hide, rest, and digest their food during the day.

How can I make my private land more deer-friendly?

A water source, plentiful food source, and an area where they can make bed have to be made so that deer come on your private land.

Which part of the day are deer most active?

Deer are most active during sunrise and sunset. Other times, the deer is laying in their bedding and hiding from predators and hunters.

Final Thoughts

Deer are creatures of habit. They tend to stick to a routine and don’t break it unless it is absolutely necessary for them. That is why getting deer to come out during the day is all about making it become a habit for them. They spend the daytime resting in their bed.

With the suggestions I gave, you can slowly lure them out of hiding. It the best to hunt during the day because it gives you the optimal chance to land your shots as accurately as possible. And also tracking the deer down more efficiently. Use all the tools you have, be smart, and most of all, be patient. I hope your hunts go well. Happy hunting!

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