Double Cam Vs Single Cam Bow -All Doubt Clear In 2023

Double cam vs single cam bow

If you are into hunting or archery bow is your close companion. Modern compound bows come with many different cam systems. There are also more complicated designs, but the most common are single-cam and dual-cam models. It can be confusing when trying to decide which compound bow to buy especially for hunting.  Before we dive into the double cam vs single cam bows, let’s first understand their individual characteristics.

In double cam vs single cam bow there are pros and cons with both of them. Single cam bows require less tuning, are quieter, and are more precise, while twin cam bows shoot much faster arrows. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a compound bow, except for the cam system. We’re going to dive deep specifically on cam systems throughout this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Both of the bows has their own features and characteristics in terms of looks and performance
  • You can get a head to head comparison for better idea how these two bows compare against each other.
  • Once you know the basic features, you can decide which one you might prefer for hunting
  • Maintaining your bow for better performance and durability is very important and you should know how to handle them with care.

What is a Double Cam Bow?

Unlike a single cam bow, the dual cam bow shoots arrows faster and in a straighter path since it has two cams instead of one. Therefore, less energy needs to be expended on the bow, and the two wheels allow for greater energy storage.

Double cam vs single cam bow
Double cam vs single cam bow

As a result, arrows travel faster because less effort is required from the archer to achieve the same amount of energy. In addition to brace height and draw weight, arrow speed depends on a lot of other things as well. I wrote about brace height in a previous post, and about draw weight in a different one.

Also, they have a more solid back wall, which makes it more comfortable for archers to avoid overdraw. The back wall is basically when the archer feels they can’t pull anymore because they are at full draw. If you have a solid wall, it’s easier to know when to stop pulling, which translates to better archery form.


  • Double cam bows have a faster arrow speed and a longer effective range than single cam bows.
  • They have a longer draw length range and are more adjustable.
  • Double cam bows have a higher let-off, which makes them easier to hold at full draw.


  • Double cam bows are more complex and harder to tune than single-cam bows.
  • They produce more noise and vibration, which can be uncomfortable to shoot.
  • Double cam bows are generally more expensive than single-cam bows.

What is a Single Cam Bow?

What is a single cam bow
What is a single cam bow

Compared to dual-cam bows that have two wheels, single-cam bows have only one wheel, so maintenance is less demanding. Due to the lack of cam synchronization, single cam bows require less frequent tuning, as well as being easier and less expensive to tune. Even when out of tune, one cam bows are less susceptible to tuning problems. Since single cam bows are not affected by tuning problems, they are considered to be more precise. The path of the arrow is less affected by aiming problems, so the bow is more accurate. The other benefit of single cam bows is their quietness. This is very important for bow hunters, as even a small noise could distract or scare their target.


  • Single-cam bows are more simple and easier to tune than double cam bows.
  • They are quieter and produce less vibration, making them more comfortable to shoot.
  • They are generally more affordable than Double cam bows.


  • Single-cam bows have a slower arrow speed than Double cam bows.
  • They have a shorter draw length range and are less adjustable.
  • Single-cam bows have less let-off than Double cam bows.

Double Cam Vs Single Cam Bows

Here’s a brief comparison chart to scan through at a glance:

FeaturesDouble CamSingle Cam
SpeedIt has more force and speedSlightly lower speed than a double cam
AccuracyPerfect timingBetter Accuracy
PowerConsiderable high-power generationCapable to generate high power
MaintenanceTechnologically complicatedEasy to use
NoiseVibrant and loudSilent and perfect for hunters
Back WallIt is strong and hard than othersSingle cam makes it difficult to reach
PriceDual cam bows are pricySingle-cam bows are budget-friendly

Which Bow is Better for Hunting?

Which bow is better for hunting
Which bow is better for hunting

Let’s recap a few ground points we have covered so far before we choose the best bow for hunting.

There are fewer components in single cam bows, making them quieter and smoother to draw. They also require less maintenance than double cam bows. As opposed to single cam bows, double cam bows have two cams at the top and bottom of the bowstring. These bows are generally faster and more powerful than single cam bows. So, which is the best bow for hunting?

Hunters usually prioritize precision and stealth which single cam bows are well known for their accuracy and low noise but still there’s another way out. The hunter’s needs and preferences really determine the choice. For example, if you value quietness and ease of maintenance more than speed and power, then you might prefer a single cam bow. On the other hand, if you want the fastest, most powerful bow possible, and are willing to put in the time and effort to maintain it properly, then a double cam bow may be a better fit.

Maintenance of Compound Bows

When it comes to hunting, things get a bit different. It requires not only skill and perfection but also a good bow as a piece of core equipment. It is the instrument that decides all the outcomes of your wildlife venture. So, taking proper care of your bow matters the most. Cam bows are expensive instruments and you must keep it up to the point for a top-notch performance even if you do archery. That’s why, here are such tips that might make your bow last longer. These tips have been researched, observed, and examined closely by experts.

Maintenance of compound bows
Maintenance of compound bows

1. Keep it clean

Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on your hunting bow, which can affect its performance. After each use, make sure you wipe down your bow with a clean, dry cloth. If it’s really dirty, you can use a damp cloth to remove the dirt, but make sure to dry it off thoroughly. Don’t wet wash it, better dry pats.

2. Wax Your Bowstring

A waxed bowstring will stay in perfect condition for a longer time. If you’re going to use wax, make sure it contains silicone. Maintaining the perfect shape of your bow is made easier by silicone. It also adds a layer that works like a waterproof coating.

3. Avoid Dry-Fire Your Bow

Dry-firing means shooting without an arrow which damages the bow. It even costs much of the bow gets broken. You might notice no big difference at first when you do it, but in time you’ll feel they require vital repairs.

4. Change The Bowstrings

Experts suggest that every two to three years you must change the bowstrings however; it depends on the usage. Make sure you don’t ignore when your stings get fuzzy, fried, or dry. min such a situation you can try waxing as a temporary solution and your shooting would make a huge difference afterward.

5. Check Regularly

It means keeping a sharp eye on your bow and its performance. Whether it is making sounds, or having any glitches in its performance, and others. make frequent checks on possible aspects.

6. Know Your Bow

Your compound bow is a complex mixture of different mechanical parts. You must be the one who’s learning about each and every part so that you can identify and know the exact point of the problem.

Maintenance of compound bows
Maintenance of compound bows

7. Keep it Safe

It is better if you use a case or purchase one. It will keep your bow from the other harms and hazards during adventures in the wild and transportation.

8. Weather Impacts

Excessive heat can damage your compound bow in the long run. Also, like musical instruments, bows get expand or shrink along with the weather and humidity, and part form that rain also affects the bow. It changes the shooting performance and approach.

9. Cam Synchronization

Make sure that you keep the cams synchronized when using a double cam compound bow. Synchronized cams reach the let-off stance at the same time. They may not be synchronized if they don’t reach the cams at the same time.

10. Adjust the Draw Weight

As you shoot your bow, the draw weight may need to be adjusted. Make sure you check it periodically and make any necessary adjustments. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, take it to a professional bow technician.

11. Contact The Expert

If case if you find out or come across any serious problem on your bow that causes functional bugs, then always consult with an expert. They know the nuts and bolts of the problems that enable them to also provide the solution to them.

2 Other Types of Cam Bows

There are actually four types of cam bows out in the market. They are:  single cam, double cam, hybrid cam, and binary cam. Like the prior ones, these two have their own features along with their pros and cons of them.

2 other types of cam bows
2 other types of cam bows

1.   Hybrid cam

With a single split harness, cable, and bowstring, a hybrid cam bow consists of two cams: a power cam on the bottom and a controlling cam on the top. With the hybrid system, you adjust the draw stop in a coordinated manner and sync the cams to get the perfect combination of settings for perfect nock travel.  As they still need to be timed, hybrid cam systems are not a maintenance-free alternative to other cam systems as they claim to be.

2.   Binary cam

The technical design of the binary cam bows takes the dual cam but removes the synchronization issues that come with it. By having two symmetrical cams slaved to each other by dedicated cam-to-cam cables, they remove the need for timing. As a result, the shooter gets a perfect arrow every time with this system known as “auto-correcting” or “equalizing”. The idea is that these bows will never drift out of sync in the binary system because the cams are physically connected so they cannot rotate independently.


What is the advantage of a single cam bow?

It has no tuning issue which makes them more precise and accurate. Another advantage of single cam bows is that they make less noise than dual cam.

Does anyone still make a single cam bow?

Due to their simplicity and easy functionality single cam bows are still popular choices among both hunters and archers. There are currently brands like Aaron, Greg, Jake, Zach, and others who produce it.

Which bow is more accurate?

A compound bow is more accurate than the other ones. Shooting a compound bow will give you the most accurate shot possible. It functions a bit differently but the accuracy and features will astonish you.

Final Thoughts

As we discussed through the article that it completely depends on your preference and requirements that which type of bow you’d prefer to match and serve your purpose as a hunter. Generally, comfort and natural feel during the usage of a bow matter a lot as each hunter has their own preferences. For instance, single cam bows are more reliable and go out of tune less frequently. Double cam bows are great for archers who need a more aggressive draw since they have two wheels storing energy for a faster arrow. Since both types of bows have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to consider and cross-check them carefully before making your decision.

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