Does Nose Jammer Really Work For Deer Attractant?

Does nose jammer really work

Many hunters have faced a common situation while hunting. They may be able to find prey, but could not hunt it down. The deer and other prey may run off early before even targeting them. Some of us feel it is impossible to hunt down or do not understand how animals run off. Do they know you are targeting them? Perhaps, they might not see you hunting them. But they can smell the agony of a hunter or a predator from a few miles away, usually because of the wind carrying your scent.

Animals like deer are more trusted with noses rather than eyes. So, they might smell you when they can’t even see you. And whatever smell is unknown to them will make deer very cautious and not approach where you want to hunt them. So, now the question is, how can you make them not smell you? Does a nose jammer really work?

To know that, you need to know a thing called a nose jammer. It is effective on animals to block them from smelling you in the forest. And, yes, nose jammer really works. Now, let’s give you an idea about what is a nose jammer and how it works.

Key Takeaways

  • Nose Jammer is made up of chemicals that help block the sense of smell in animals so they cannot detect a hunter’s smell.
  • Nose jammer can be on anything that you bring to a hunt.
  • It is also effective in reducing smell and benefits a hunter to remain undetected. But it also blocks other smells from the deer.
  • Alternatives for nose jammers have to be used to eliminate your smell, not introduce new smell for the animal to detect.

What is a Nose Jammer?

What is a nose jammer
What is a nose jammer

A nose jammer is a substance that contains Vanillin (which is C8H8O3) and other aromatic compounds from the environment that have the ability to effectively jam the sense of smell of animals. The compounds are used to make a reaction of olfactory ingredients that do not smell at all. This also prevents animals to smell your body scent and perfume.

Actually, it is a new kind of scent product that is intended to overcome the olfactory senses of a whitetail deer and thereby eliminate their ability to smell other odors.

This nose jammer can be found in spray containers in shopping malls and hardware shops. You can also purchase online.

Use of Nose Jammer

This particular element is famous in the hunting community. This nose jammer does its best to spread a certain scent that reduces the ability to smell other odors. Nose jammer gives hunters extra confidence to focus on the target and hunt it down.

Nose Jammer was originally launched as a Field Spray product. The product was considered to spray on clothes, boots, tree stands, blinds, and brushes. When the wind swirls, the deer’s or other animal’s olfactory gets jammed and they stay unalarmed. The Field Spray will work on any animal with a good sense of smell.

How to use a nose jammer?

This also has been used differently. It is incredibly handy for cleaning up in the field quickly and easily. The nose jammer is formulated to work on your body as well as your hunting gear.

There are some instructions to use a nose jammer for hunting:

  • Spray for 3 to 5 seconds on your boots and lower body before you walk into the woods.
  • Smash the spray at the base of the tree when you arrive.
  • Hold Spray for 5 to 7 seconds on the tree and limbs in the shape of a cross from over the top of your head to below your feet. This creates a nose jammer cloud around the hunter.
  • Use a little extra on the surrounding things and your clothing. Ignore thinking of wasting it.
  • Hold sprays for 10 seconds of the total product works best.

Spray on clothes, pants, boots, and literally everything. For anything that can give off a smell, you can use the nose jammer on it. Also, when you are sweating you are creating a smell that might get on your equipment and clothes. So by using a nose jammer, you are able to block that smell.

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How Does Nose Jammer Work?

Nose Jammer is very easy to use. Just spray it over your body and gadgets including everything according to the above instructions. This is an amazing formula to avoid drawing attention from wild animals. This recipe is to create an odor that can eliminate the hunter’s scent.

Nose jammer makes animals not be able to smell anything else. You are basically taking advantage of the good sense of animals and making it and overwhelming their sense of smell. The goal is to create a smelling Jammer cloud that makes a barrier around the hunter. That way, you remain undetected and the animal is unable to detect you.

How Effective is Nose Jammer?

How effective is nose jammer
How effective is nose jammer

After all these discussions, you may wonder, does nose jammer really work? Well, these ingredients work pretty well in hunting. You can now see that this particular spray is dedicated only as a hunting material.

Like an aromatic perfume surrounds you and covers your scent. A Nose Jammer beats the olfactory system and overpowers an animal’s ability to detect and track human scent. The best part is that it works without alarming the animal to danger. This allows the hunter’s scent to go unnoticed by the animal.

Although, there might be some possible side effects of nose jammers. As it is a chemical that blocks smelling odor, it can also disturb any other senses also. Be careful to take a look at it often. Manufacturing defects can cause big damage. So please, buy a branded nose jammer and check the expiration date.

Alternative for Nose Jammer

If you think it is very unusual to use an external spray for hunting and it may burn your skin as it is a chemical, you can also avoid that. You can try to develop some habits for hunting. Let’s try on those.

Utilizing scent-free shampoo is a great way of successfully hunting. Shampoo with scents will definitely attract a deer’s attention. So, use scent-free shampoo.

Body wash and deodorant must be hunting-friendly. This practice is similar to spraying nose jammer. You can hunt tension free and save some money. Same as shampoo, these have to be unscented. You want to eliminate your smell, not introduce a new smell for the deer to detect.

Wash your hunting clothes and gear with a detergent that is not scented. Take extra care for hunting pieces of equipment. Wash and dry your hunting clothes separately. Wash your hunting boots very often to remove the foot smell.

Personal Experience

Here, I am being very honest with you. I used a nose jammer as one of my hunter buddies suggested to me. It really works in the winter. I used it several times while hunting. It really affects deer, boar, and a few other animals. To test it out, I used it on myself and on a tree. I made sure that the wind was blowing toward the deer. And from my observation, the smell of the Nose Jammer did not bother the deer one bit! It was amazing, like I was invisible to them even though they should have caught my scent.

But, nose jammer does not affect summer and rainy days. On rainy days, the rain hides your smell anyways. And the summer heat makes it so that all scents have an increased smell. So on summer days, it would be useless to use a Nose Jammer because the deer will smell you anyways. It does not need to use in such seasons. The cost does not need higher than you think. So, I suggest using a nose jammer for special hunting days, not everyday hunting. Taking extra care of hunting clothes and gear really works.


Does Nose Jammer attract deer?

Nose Jammer has not had a scent and it does not really attract deer. It is in a new category of scent products that are designed to overwhelm the olfactory senses. Whitetail deer and thus eliminating their ability to smell other odors.

How long can a deer smell you walked?

Under normal circumstances, a deer can smell a human at least 1/4 miles away. If the scenting conditions are perfect with a light breeze, it can even be farther. They can only smell your existing scent. Not the scent that you left behind.

What attracts deer quickly?

Deer are attracted to food very quickly. They go out for food and drink water. Food like corn, milo, turnips, peas, clover, and alfalfa will attract and keep deer for a longer time.

What sense is strongest in deer?

A deer has 297 million olfactory receptors. Within that, the sense of smell is a deer’s ultimate superpower more than its hearing. Although those big ears give them the benefit of collecting sound. The hearing range of a deer is lesser than a human. So, nothing is near as powerful as their sense of smell.

Do deer remember you?

They will try to recognize you at a distance when they see you. Then they will verify your smell as you get closer and listen all the time. They tend to ignore you if you are on their safe list. And move away if you are someone who bothers them.

Final Thoughts

Nose Jammer is really effective for hunting. It can jam the olfactory sense of wild animals. Spraying on your body and gears will hide you from your prey’s nose. Use this formula accordingly as discussed. During winter days, this nose jammer works like magic. It can make you invisible in the thick foggy weather. You can also avoid this nose jammer and practice some simple habits. Washing your hunting clothes with care dedicated to hunting is quite impressive. Cleaning up hunting gears and boots very often and using odor-free things.

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