Do Squirrels Bark At Deer – Hunter Should To Know

Do squirrels bark at deer

Many animals are living in the woods. Some of them are predators, some are prey and others just live in the trees. Do you know who lives in the trees? That’s right. It is a squirrel, a cute little nut-eater. But it will be awkward to see barking squirrels at deer. Isn’t it?

Do squirrels bark at deer? Well, squirrel behavior is pretty significant for intruders and hunters in the forest. They react differently when they see other big animals like deer or bears. Squirrels also make barking sounds at deer. Yes, you heard it right. This barking sound indicates to means something specific. On the other hand, deer are a prominent animal that is very cautious about predators and any danger nearby. Squirrel sounds might give them info about hunters. But first, let’s be clear about what is squirrel bark. Also, if they bark, what are the reasons they bark? And how do squirrels act in response to hunters?

Key Takeaways

  • Squirrel bark due to many reasons, such as making a stand, alerting other squirrels of predators nearby, and making sure their nests are not attacked.
  • Squirrels make a lot of noise and run up trees when they feel the presence of a bigger animal.
  • Squirrel barking is a sign that a deer is nearby because to them, a deer is a predator taking their nuts away.
  • I have personal experience hunting deer with squirrels nearby. Watch out for red squirrels.

What is Squirrel Bark?

A squirrel can make a lot of different sounds and those have different meanings. One of them is squirrel barking. Now, are you thinking that is a joke? No, it is quite true that a squirrel can make barking sounds.

This barking sound actually sounds more like the noise of a squeaky toy or door. The sound can resemble a dog barking but is much more high-pitched. They bark when they see a predator or enemy nearby. They do that to warn other squirrels. They often make a barking sound if they see deer coming. Squirrels do not like deer to visit their place as intruders.

Reasons Squirrels Bark

Reasons Squirrels Bark
Reasons Squirrels Bark

A squirrel barking at you is not necessary to make an alarm all the time. They are simply trying to defend themselves and state that they are not helpless or weak. They make various noises to warn other animals and people to stay away from them when they are in danger. They also make these sounds to let other squirrels know that there is a predator nearby.

The barking sounds squirrels make are all alarm signals or calls. An alarm call is a way for them to communicate with other squirrels and tell the world around them that there is danger proximate. This sound indicates that they feel threatened by hunter animals coming near their territory otherwise if someone comes too close to them while they are having food. And generally, it means that they are warning other animals to stay away from the area. It has been guessed that they do this to sound like a larger animal. In that way, intruders would not see them, but they will think of a bigger threat.

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Squirrel’s Reaction to Hunters

Squirrel’s reaction to hunters
Squirrel’s reaction to hunters

Squirrels fluctuate in their behavior toward hunters. Often they move away when they see hunters. But at some times they will go nuts and crazy. The key difference is likely to be how close you are to their nest. Although some hunters reported that, red squirrels are more likely to act crazy than gray squirrels or fox squirrels.

Squirrels sometimes raid hideouts and surprise themselves and hunters. You will hear them moving here and there fast and suddenly they are at your window. This behavior has a tendency to cause a big fright and disturb any deer in the near area. These squirrels understand you as a hunter and try to help deer by doing that.

If you are irritated by the behavior of squirrels you can try shooting the squirrel with a small game tip you have brought along for the purpose. Or else, throw a branch or some sticks at the squirrel to scare it off. Do not shoot your deer hunting rifle upward at the squirrel. You are more than likely to miss it because of how small squirrels are. And also because they are usually on trees your shot might miss and hit something else. And if it is another hunter on a hunting stand then it might be fatal.

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How Does Squirrel Bark Benefit Hunting?

Squirrel’s reaction to hunters
How does squirrel bark benefit hunting

Squirrel bark can affect deer hunting. Both squirrels and deer are attracted to acorns and hickory nuts. As they have similar eating habits, squirrels can help you by giving you locations good target spot. When you find a spot with many squirrels, you will likely have found plenty of deer to hunt.

When you have settled into your stand or just waiting for deer at a hunting place, you may see squirrels around. They could forget to notice you, go and mind their business as long as you make no noise. However, watching them and listening to them will alert you to the arrival of large animals such as deer. So, focus on squirrel activities that can benefit your hunting.

Squirrels are sometimes frightened by deer. Although, there is no exact reason. It may be because squirrels mistake them for predators as they are competition for nuts or their huge size.

When deer arrive, squirrels often show hightail to deer from the nearest hollow tree and start barking. Pay attention to what the squirrels are doing. You can hunt a nice kill. You may also see other animals such as turkeys, coyotes, or bobcats. If squirrels give a quick, soft bark followed by a longer bark, this is a good indicator that there are deer in that area.

Personal Experience

From my experience, when a squirrel hears a deer’s footsteps, it will most likely make a warning sound and move to the nearest tree. As a hunter, I follow squirrel activity and communication which is one of the strongest indicators that deer are around. I bring nuts for squirrels often to draw attention. So that, I can find their spot. Also, the squirrels will often disappear without warning or sound. This also indicates that deer is close and approaching.

After experiencing and understanding all these, I now go to the nearest spot of squirrels and wait for my hunt. I remain undetected by the squirrels and silently track around. When I hear squirrel barking, I aim for that area. Guess what? I always get a kill from that. Now, deer hunting is much easier for me with the help of squirrels.

Also from my experience, red squirrel makes a lot more noise than other types like grey and fox squirrel. They are curious creatures so they might even get up on your hunting stand. It happened to me a few times and it startled me as I was not expecting a squirrel to come so close and start making noise. They make a lot of noise and bark when they see hunters which might discourage deer from entering an area. So if I was you, I would make sure to be extra careful around red squirrels when hunting a deer.


Is it good to have squirrels while deer hunting?

Yes, having squirrels for hints of deer movement is a great way to gain an advantage on a deer hunt. However, hunters can benefit from a squirrel’s sense when it comes to catching a coyote or feral hog as well.

What attracts deer more than anything?

The most popular and widely used bait for attracting whitetail deer is corn. Not only is deer corn highly consumed and well received by whitetails in almost every habitat, but it’s also one of the low-cost options for hunters.

What noises are deer afraid of?

Auditory limits can repel deer with noisemakers like gas or propane exploders, whistles, and ultrasonic devices. Gas or propane exploders produce loud banging noises which frighten deer away. I have been used to help protect orchards, row crops, and truck crops. So, do not carry anything that causes a loud sound during a deer hunt.

How far can a deer sense hunters?

In normal conditions, a deer can smell a human scent that is not making any attempt to hide its odor at least a quarter mile away. If the scenting conditions are perfect it can even be farther.

How do deer warn of danger?

Deer use a mixture of grunts, snorts, bleats, and mews to warn other deer of danger and to establish communication. They also perform particular motions with their tails, ears, heads, and hooves to transfer info with each other and ward off predators.

Final Thoughts

Deer hunting is very easy for a hunter who knows squirrels very well. Squirrels do not really like deer or other animals to wander around their home and spots. They think of deer as predators, which is funny. Squirrels affect deer hunting, but do not scare deer away. Deer have developed the practice to pay no attention to squirrels going crazy over threats. That does not affect deer hunting for the hunter. Oppositely, squirrels sometimes alert deer to the presence of danger and can even surprise hunters. This depends on the different kinds of squirrels. You can even use the squirrels to find deer. They gather whether they find good mash and squirrels often bolt for trees and chatter when deer approach.

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